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November 11-13, 2014 | George R. Brown Convention Center | Houston, TX

Mark Your Calendar

Modern energy demands modern solutions––that’s why the industry’s experts and future leaders from all over the world are convening at EnergyNEXUS to exchange ideas and solutions and learn about new technologies and energy systems that will impact their business during the next one to 10 years. No other event provides you with the tools to prepare you to strategically approach the global energy industry’s most pressing issues.

EnergyNEXUS puts you at the center of it all in Houston, the energy capital of the world.   


Expert panel discussions will dive into the business of fuels––oil & gas, fuels for electricity & power, and renewable fuels––plus the new face of energy security in the EnergyNEXUS Focus on Fuels. Are you interested in how the fuels business will impact your business next year and over the next decade? This is your unique opportunity to hear forecasts from industry leaders and apply those insights to your organization.


New and updated technologies continue to transform the energy industry each year––technologies for extraction, production, consumption, system monitoring, transportation, storage, and more. The EnergyNEXUS Technology Conference Pillar will highlight technologies that matter to your business, whether they create new opportunities or new competition. Get on top of what’s changing our energy business today and what you’ll need to grow your business in the coming year.

Tomorrow's Workforce

Manage your business’ workforce and your own career. Employment in the energy sector is changing. How will you manage around baby boomer retirees, attract new staff who already have training, and position your own career to meet your energy business and personal ambitions? In EnergyNEXUS’ Tomorrow’s Workforce Conference Pillar, gain insights to navigate your career while also understanding how to manage the next generation of energy professionals and remain competitive in the changing energy landscape.